Monday, 10 February 2014

Hi folks,  I've been busy with other things but finally got my groove back and I'm working on an album to record the life of Ali, a golden doodle from Chai Kennels in New Brunswick.  Ali is the daughter of Naomi Chai, a red retriever and Daniel Chai, a cream poodle. She was donated to Therapeutic Medical Alert Service Dogs which is run by Rhonda Langille.  She left Chai Kennels when she was 8 weeks old and into the care of Paula Sears and Dave Wood.  Assisting her in training Ali is Chloe Gautreau, a university student at Crandell University.  I am doing the scrap book to document Ali's training and will be using quotes from Ali's blog with entries from both Paula and Chloe to journal on the pages.  The pages are not in any order as I'm just scrapping what comes to my mind at the time.

 This is the first picture of Ali when she  was born,
 This picture was taken by Chai Kennels as Ali was at the train station being de-sensitized to the sound of trains.  All service dogs require a lot of training in so many areas to get them used to anything they might encounter, including awareness of children.  They are taught basic manners and further training to open doors, go to exits and push buttons.
 This is my mom Paula.  We are out having lunch and training at the same time.
 This is Ali in dreamland after a busy day of training
 This is my dad Dave.  He's a fireman.  I'm cleaning his face for him
 Ali at 7 weeks - such a pretty girl
 at 6 wks
 Ali after her first real shower
 Our run in the woods with big brothers Sunny and Beau

I found my own stick to play with and played a game of tug of war

With my brothers Sunny and Beau

with my dad at the firehall

I will keep updating my blog as I finish pages.
Hope you enjoy the layouts of sweet little Ali

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